Tips You Should Know When Buying Prime Rib

Published: 31st March 2009
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Six Ways to Make Sure you are Buying the Best Prime Rib Available

The best grade of rib or any type of beef is of course prime grade. The problem comes in when trying to buy prime grade beef, there is only 20 percent of prime grade beef in America cut and most of this grade of beef finds its way to those fancy restaurants. Some prime rib can be found in your local grocery store and some in the butcher shop. If you are lucky enough to find prime grade then you will still need to know how to make sure you are buying the best prime rib available. Here are some things to look for and some to steer away from.

Now, you know what prime rib is but did you know that that the rib cut includes cuts like the Rib Roast, the Rib eye Steak and the back ribs and is the least tender of all the other sections. So, when you begin to look at the prime ribs in the store you will want to seek out the more flavorful and best you can find in order to prepare a delectable meal. With this guide you should be able to make sure you are buying the best prime rib you can find.

1. Always look at the date the prime rib was packaged. This is an indicator as to how long it has been sitting around in the store. Look at the color of the prime rib; it should have a bright red color and no dry or brown edges. Check for any damage to the packaging and wrapping.

2. Buying prime rib that has been injected with flavorings is also a very bad idea. Many people believe that this process will ensure that their prime rib is flavorful and juicy but that is not the case. Usually the flavorings will cause the meat to break down and become mushy. This can produce a tougher prime rib.

3. Several people also search out prime rib that has been tenderized by the butcher, but once again that is another error. When the butcher tenderizers the prime rib or any beef he beats and pierces the meat. Any piercing allows the natural juices and flavorings to escape. This will not only leave your meat un-flavorful but it will also be tough.

4. Next is how the prime rib is aged. The best method of drying your prime rib is dry aged. . Dry aging is when the meat is taken from the bag that it arrives in to the butcher and is hung in a cooler for a certain amount of time to dry out. This method allows for the meat to shrink naturally. Most meat you find in your supermarket has been cut beside the slaughter house, wrapped in plastic and has aged on the way to the store in a Styrofoam packaging and plastic. This is for sure not the way to get a great tasting prime rib. You can talk with the butcher at your supermarket and ask him about the aging process used if he knows. If not and you desire the best prime rib around, then you should go directly to a butcher shop and talk with them.

5. Not only should your prime rib be bright red but it should have some fat. This is called marbling. The fat should be in thin lines and distributed evenly throughout the prime rib. The marbling will give your prime rib more flavor.

6. You also want to buy prime rib that is cut close to the bone or with the bone still intact as much of the flavoring also comes from the bone marrow.

With these few tips you should know how to make sure you are buying the best prime rib.

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